rapidRoster: Roster Management Solution – Support for Ad Hoc Transcripts

Rapid Learning Deployment, LLC (rapidLD), a leader in the learning and talent management technology space, is pleased to announce the Spring 2017 release of its groundbreaking class roster management application – rapidRoster.

rapidRoster streamlines the process of tracking attendance and completions associated with Classroom, Instructor-led, and On-The-Job training by replacing outmoded sign-in sheets and roll calls with a simple web-based user interface. Using inexpensive, off-the-shelf proximity scanners, mag stripe readers, or barcode scanners, learners simply scan their badge and rapidRoster does the rest — Attendance, Duration of Attendance, and Completion are recorded in your Learning Management System (LMS) in real-time.

The Spring 2017 release brings with it a new feature for supporting Ad-Hoc Transcripts. Ad Hoc Transcripts are ideal for recording training that doesn’t have a specific date or time associated with it. This could be shoulder-to-shoulder or on-the-job training. rapidRoster still supports enhanced search for identifying attendees without a badge, print name badges (popular with trade shows and conferences), generate an exportable roster report, and record the entire class as ‘complete’ with a single click.

rapidRoster allows you to save up to 40% on LMS Administration time while increasing accuracy by eliminating manual data entry and cumbersome synchronization processes. See a side-by-side comparison of the clicks in rapidRoster vs. a typical LMS here.

Since rapidRoster is a cloud-based solution, it alleviates the burden of a costly infrastructure and cumbersome IT intervention, leaving the organization more time to focus on their core business. rapidRoster does not require any customization or additional work on an LMS platform – it is truly a plug-&-play solution.

rapidRoster supports the Saba Cloud, Saba Enterprise, and SumTotal learning management platforms, with additional LMS platforms planned to be supported in future releases. For those companies on the Saba Cloud platform, rapidRoster is available for purchase from the Saba Marketplace. Simply drag-and-drop the application tile, enter your contact information, and rapidLD will contact you to finalize the activation.

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