100+ international young entrepreneurs are coming to San Diego!

100+ international young entrepreneurs are coming to San Diego!

The entrepreneurship program ‘TrepCamp comes back for the 3rd time to San Diego this summer with a new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs ready to tackle key global challenges.

‘TrepCamp started in 2013 as a bi-national entrepreneurship training program under the framework of the Mexico-United States entrepreneurship and innovation council (MUSEIC), and is now one of the leading entrepreneurship training programs in America with participants of 20+ countries. https://trepcamp.org/

Each year, young aspiring entrepreneurs, called Treps, travel to top innovation ecosystems for a 3-week program to tackle key global challenges guided by an entrepreneur in residence and the help of mentors. In parallel, they connect to the host ecosystem through seminars with experts and by visiting incubators/accelerators, innovation centers, and leading companies. https://issuu.com/trepcamp/docs/advanced_program_issuu

The Treps select the challenges that most interest them among an initial list of 36 challenges based on the global megatrends and build teams of 5 people to solve them. The challenges are divided into 3 categories:

  • The “IMPACT challenges” to solve some of the world’s most urgent challenges and impact the lives of millions.
  • The “EMTECH challenges” to disrupt key industries and challenge existing dominant players by using emerging technologies.
  • The “NEXTGEN challenges” to imagine the next generation solution for key industries and create new business opportunities.

You can find the entire list in the attached pdf file “List of Challenges”.


Two groups of 50 entrepreneurs each stay at San Diego State University (SDSU): one from June 5th to 23rd and another one from July 10th to 28th.


For the 3rd time, Bernhard Schroeder, director of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at SDSU, is the entrepreneur in residence of the San Diego program. He guides the Treps through workshops and mentoring sessions about the first steps of a business creation from the understanding of the problem to solve, to the development of an innovative and viable solution and its prototype. https://www.linkedin.com/in/bernie-schroeder-694a36/


A group of 10 highly talented mentors also advices the teams and helps them to develop their projects during the whole program. All the TrepCamp mentors have a strong entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of the San Diego ecosystem in order to connect the teams to the appropriate people:

  • Jeff Grad, Founder at Naked Juice & Evolution Fresh, SDSU Alumni
  • Jenny Amaraneni, CEO & Co-Founder at SOLO Eyewear
  • Jim Matteo, CEO at Bird Rock Systems
  • Mark Schmid, CEO at Art Function Group of Companies
  • Duncan McLaren, CEO at My total Health & Moble Apps, SDSU Alumni
  • Angela Hill, Founder, CEO at Incitrio, Design and Brand Agency
  • Elias Sheinberg, CEO & OWNER at Grupo empresarial zapatero
  • Adam Weiler, Co-Founder at StrongVolt, CablesForCauses & Sunken Stone
  • Nii A. Ahene, Co-Founder at CPC Strategy
  • Yukon Palmer, CEO at Field Logix, SDSU Alumni


In addition, the Treps have to opportunity to get inspired by successful entrepreneurs who come to the university to meet them and share with them their own entrepreneurial experience and knowledge on their areas of expertise.

The speakers who join the adventure this year are the following:

  • Jennifer Cosco – Co-founder at Envy
  • Luke Sophinos – Founder at CourseKey
  • Bob Nascenzi – Managing Partner at Integras LLC
  • Josh Hotsenpiller – CEO at Crowd Hub
  • Colin Lawlor & Albert Chow – CEO & COO at SleepScore Labs


In order to immerse themselves in the ecosystem, the Treps visit leading and innovative companies in San Diego:

  • Qualcomm, with the exceptional participation of Rick Valencia, President of Qualcomm Life
  • iBoss
  • Maker Place
  • Downtown Works


At the end of the 3 weeks, the teams pitch their solutions and present their prototypes to a panel of investors who offer feedback to the teams and elect a winner team. The 2017 San Diego panelists are:

  • Bob Nascenzi – Managing Partner at Integras LLC
  • Raj Idiculla – Co-founder & Principal at Newport Holdings, LP

If you want to know more about the program please visit our webpage: https://trepcamp.org/

Don’t hesitate to contact the global coordinator Justine Guenver at Justine.guenver@trepcamp.org. We’ll be happy to chat with you and answer the questions you may have.





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